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Manjungjv Business Integrated Flow

icon Synergy of Integrated Solutions Approach

Manjungjv is offering the best possible value via our integrated solutions approach from brood stocks, farming, processing to delivery.

Currently, our Black Tiger ponds are spanning across west coast of West Malaysia. The shrimps are cultured in a natural, antibiotic-free, preserved and unpolluted environment.

We have dedicated to utilizing our expertise, biotechnology and environmental engineering to create a scientifically proved unique shrimp cultivating system with strict quality control, from the selection of natural brood stocks, the breeding of baby shrimps to the harvesting, then frozen, packing and exporting. Such vertical integration technology provides customers with the best service and quality from farming to manufacturing as well as delivery, accordingly won the remarkable prestige from customer worldwide.

We have dedicated to processing and exporting seafood products to different competitive markets in the world.

Manjungjv Business Integrated Flow