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Manjung’s farming known as Pelantar Cergas (M) Sdn Bhd (PCMSB), a subsidiary of Manjungjv has successfully secured 300 acres of land from the State Government of Selangor & Perak for shrimp farming project. The shrimp farms are free from industrial and commercial pollution. Each aquaculture shrimp pond is about 0.5 -1 Ha in size and 2 meters depth.

Pelantar Cergas (M) Sdn Bhd (PCMSB) has started the farm development since Year 2007 and will continually develop and extend more aquaculture shrimp ponds.

The farm in Sabak Bernam has been awarded with Skim Pensijilan Ladang Aquakultur Malaysia (SPLAM) & Fish Quality Certificate. Manjung jv will extend her efforts in transforming all the farms into a bio security standard farm.